My YOUTUBE Channel


Sorry, I’ve been a little MIA lately I’m four weeks out from finishing up my degree so the workload is intense. But, with that being said I have created my YouTube channel and I am so excited but very nervous. I’m nervous because I’ve never filmed myself let alone put it on the web for so many people to see. I’ve been a huge YouTube fan for many years and really look forward to seeing new videos from my favorite vloggers and I aspire to have the same kind of impact on others.

I want to share everything I’ve learned about skin care and recommend all sorts of goodies. I’m not a skincare professional but, I like to think I know something and to me, the best way to learn about products and get ideas is from other people. We are the ones that go out and purchase products try them out and see for ourselves if they work on our skin type.

My videos will consist of product reviews, recommendation a glimpse into my crazy life. In return, I hope to make friends with like-minded individuals and have an impact in any way I can.

Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you can be the first informed when my very first video is uploaded.


Thank you so much for the support



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