Aging is a part of life, and I didn’t start thinking about the process until I hit thirty this past March. I’ve always been into skincare but, one step I knew I needed to pay more attention to were my eyes. The eyes are a very delicate area that will begin to show signs of aging as we grow older. So, I was so excited when Elle, from VIIcode reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out a product from the line.

I was sent the 02M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair which retails for $55.00 USD for 6 treatments. When used as directed, the eye masks are supposed to reduce signs of aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and best of all moisture and brighten for a more refreshing look.

When I received my box, I noticed that it was an eight-hour treatment which worried me because I didn’t think I could sleep all night with them on but, to my surprise they stayed on! Not only did they stay on but, I didn’t even have an issue sleeping. After the first use I woke up and looked instantly refreshed. I normally wakeup with puffy eyes but, it wasn’t the case when I used the eye masks.

Eye patches

The top image is before I applied the eyes masks. When you look at the image you can see a little puffiness, and darkness below my eyes. I applied the eye masks and went to sleep. You can wear the eye treatments for up to 8 hours but, I wore mine for six because I had to get up early for work. When I removed the eye masks I was completely surprised at the results after just one use. There was no puffiness, dullness and my eyes looks so much brighter. With six treatments I was able to test out the product for three weeks (2x/week) and with consistent and proper use I was able to see a dramatic change in my overall appearance. Life is stressful and sometimes it can show all over our face so it’s nice to know there are products out there that can help reduce the signs.

I’ve been so horrible with my blog and I’m upset about it but, hey it’s my own fault. I wanted to come on here and give you all an update as to why I’ve been so M.I.A

1.) Graduated College – In December I finished my BS Degree and wanted to take a mental break, live life and enjoy it.

2.) Taxes – My husband and I own our own business so I prepare everything for my CPA and it’s always a nightmare for me but, I get through it and cry at the end. Yay!

3.) New Car – YES!!!! I finally bought a new car and it was not too stressful until one morning I woke up and all four of my tires were gone! It was a long process to get my tires replaced (19 days) and I was stressed out the entire time.

4.) Grad School – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to school so soon but, I applied to Arizona State University and was accepted. So, Ill be starting back up in August.

That sums up as to why I’ve been so bad at posting but, I plan to post at least once a week starting with this post.